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A big part of this experience helping you and others experience a greater sense of teamwork.

Nature is a catalyst, too. That’s because it’s empowering to realize that you can survive in the wilderness. In addition, the outdoors nurtures physical health, which in turn fosters mental health.


New members, or old struggles?  A new environment with unknown challenges allows a new framework of skills and trust to form outside the office walls.

racing instincts

The lessons learned on the track about problem solving or trusting the gut instinct can be taken to the business world.  A team can develop intuition, speed, teamwork through sport.

virginia natural resource

Our wealth of outdoor opportunities shouldn’t be ignored.  Within a 4hr drive thousands of rural areas are available to refresh our souls.

Kinetically engage clients on cognitive, affective, and behavioral levels



1. Being removed from daily life and its distractions

2. Doing exercises to build trust and teamwork

3. Taking solo time to ponder 

4. Participating in group activities that end with a reward

A recent meta-analysis, reviewing 197 studies related to adventure therapy (inclusive of wilderness therapy), reports that the short-term effect of adventure therapy is greater than that of alternative and no treatment comparison groups. Follow up studies indicate that for a substantial percentage of “graduates” of wilderness programs, including those with clinically significant levels of emotional and behavioral dysfunction  the short-term growth is maintained.

These empirical studies are consistent with my own experiences, those of the vast majority of my clients, and conversations I have had with other educational consultants.

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