1. Rally to a common goal

    If you want to be a team, you need to share a common goal. What is the grand goal you’re striving for? How does achieving the next milestone contribute to that? Where does each teammate’s contribution fit in? Knowing your work matters takes teamwork to the next level.

  2. Celebrate together

    Appreciate the work of your teammates. Take time to say ‘thanks’ for small, specific contributions to the team effort. And when you do achieve a milestone towards your goal, take time to celebrate together.

    From 7 ways to Create a Culture of Teamwork @jostle

Tackle a Trail!

We take you out, and you tackle the challenges of a trail – and debreif around your experiences, gettting to know (and work better) with your co-workers.

Teamwork In The Workplace Strategies

1. Host engaging team-building events :

Imagine your team…

  • Bonding as they participate in the thrilling adventure on ATVs
  • Working together to navigate maps, make choices and solve mechanical issues 
  • Complete engaging scavenger hunt through the forest trails

Why teambuilding trips work:

Team-building events bring people together.

As one customer says, “People are much more likely to talk with the individuals on their team that they never previously spoke to.”

Nothing gets employees communicating like the shared goal of winning a game. Go Game provides the environment; the valuable team-building interactions follow organically.

~ from 15 Strategies to Improve Teamwork